Microsoft Canada’s Business Self-Defense… 22 days of security tips all in one place!

Business Self-Defense

In support of Small Business Month in Canada, we’re sharing security tips every business day this October. From phishing to mobile security, these Business Self-Defense tips cover many real-world security challenges small and medium-sized businesses face. For your convenience, this post shares all 22 in one place, plus the ebook!

Did you know that the majority of cyber attacks in Canada target small businesses? Don’t be passive! Learn to practice Business Self-Defense instead!

Business Self-Defense

device security1 -> “Watch it! Secure your devices before your data gets swiped




Risk checklist2 -> “It only takes a click… the small business risk checklist




Security don'ts3 -> “We all make mistakes… 10 security don’ts to help you avoid big trouble




employee security4 -> “Still sharing passwords? Yikes! Train your employees on security basics




Security value5 -> “3 basic Azure security services to help you sleep better at night




security on the go6 -> “10 ways to stay secure on the go




phishing7 -> “Defend your devices! Three steps to BLOCK phishing scams




reputation protection

8 -> “Protect your reputation! Leverage the best of Microsoft in one secure bundle




data safety9 -> “You’re not alone. Stop worrying & start playing it safe when it comes to your data




connected10 -> “Who’s watching your mobile security? Protecting a connected company




enterprise security11 -> “Enterprise security made affordable at last!




employee turnover12 -> “Who still has access? 3 security steps to manage employee/contractor turnover




cloud control13 -> “Cloud control. How working remotely & securely changes everything




Cinchy14 -> “Who owns the data? Ask Cinchy, the startup democratizing data




Security value15 -> “Don’t get breached! Learn the true value of security




compliance16 -> “The compliance opportunity




GDPR17 -> “Need to comply with GDPR? Get an action plan!




Blockchain18 -> “Better security, lower fees, & other reasons to fall in love with blockchain




working remotely19 -> “What an upside! Make working remotely secure & successful




Windows20 -> “Built-in security… and nine other reasons to upgrade to Windows 10




business self defense21 -> “Don’t let this happen to you! Practice Business Self-Defense instead!




secure cloud22 -> “Protect your people! Secure your business in Microsoft’s cloud




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