Strengthening the patient – provider connection

clinic_to_cloud_4Great patient outcomes is vital

At the heart of great patient outcomes is the ability to develop, deliver & nurture meaningful, connected conversations with patients.

However, on a busy day in the clinic, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush, putting pressure to reach a swift diagnosis and treatment plan and move onto the next patient.

The good news is that advancements in tech-mobility mean patient care can stretch beyond the standard 15-minute consultation and being desk bound is becoming a challenge of the past.

Becoming mobile in medical practice

This mobility in the modern practice is so much more than most of us realise.

It’s the ability to access client information when and where you need to. It’s being able to share that information with your patients in a meaningful way. And it’s about being able to communicate with them outside of the practice via phone, email and practice management software.

Cloud technology is paving the way to a convenience that benefits healthcare clinics, their staff and most importantly, the patient and the care they receive. If they’re happy to receive some test results by another means, why not embrace that and improve their experience?

Being able to easily connect with patients, share their files and communicate with them effortlessly is not only an advancement to how healthcare is provided, but it saves you and your patients time.

That’s time better spent providing them with the care they deserve, something that obstetrician and Clinic to Cloud user Joseph Sgroi feels very strongly about.

“Having a system which not only allows me to have flexibility and accessibility, but also higher connectivity with my patient means that my practice has grown,” he says.

“…If I can see the natural fact it’s providing a better quality service to my patient with better health outcomes, well that’s gonna be paramount.”

There is a fantastically bright future ahead for healthcare professionals embracing technology, and we’re already starting to see the benefits.

When someone needs to talk to you after hours, their records are at your fingertips. If you need to provide details to another healthcare professional, you don’t need to be in the office to do it.

You or your staff don’t need to spend hours transcribing recorded audio, because Clinic to Cloud takes care of it all for you.

These are small conveniences, but they make a world of difference. Most importantly, that difference is to the benefit of your patients.

Just knowing that these tasks are no longer a burden on your daily routine will allow you to be a better clinician than you ever thought possible.

So when you do get caught up in the rush, you can deliver a greater scope and convenience of care than you could before.

Guest Contributor: Rafic Habib


With 17 years of health care experience and a true passion for innovative ideas and disruptive technology, Rafic has successfully built several health focused businesses.  His most recent achievement is Clinic to Cloud, a practice management solution for the primary health sector based entirely around cloud technology, enabling not only the health care professional but also the patient to be involved in their Clinical Journey.

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