Do you need a business coach?

People benefit from obtaining expert advice in many different areas of life.  It’s no secret that business coaching (and mentoring) is one of the fastest growing careers around.  Some suggest this trend of getting a coach is a fad, an unnecessary luxury, or not worth your time and money.
However, the majority of coaches out there are just plain awesome and the presence of competition inspires each person to step up their game.  Now more than ever, all over the world, coaches are delivering massive value to business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them be even more competitive.

Everyone needs a coach.

business_coachAnd this is way bigger than simple supply and demand.  Droves of people are going into business for themselves.  From my angle, this surge is a positive omen, a sign that more people in more places are seeking deeper personal and professional development.  Moreover, they are inspired to connect with their purpose, in order to make a wider impact.  Not just cash flow and numbers, but soul stuff.
There’s a shift in the force, and I’m not the first to raise a ruckus about it.  Some call it the “Entrepreneurial Revolution” and estimate there’ll be over 1 Billion of us by the year 2020.  If true (and I think it is), that’s exciting.
The stakes are high, as are the odds.  Setting up and running a successful business is tough, and nobody can do it alone.  It takes wisdom to recognise when you need external advice and mentoring in order to grow your business.

Should I get a business coach?

So, okay, let’s say you take the leap, decide that now is the time to follow your own beat (instead of someone else’s), and you go from “employee” to creating a business from the heart.  Your passion is high, as is your awareness that the odds are stacked against you.
You do everything you can to keep your head above water, but what you can do is limited by what you know how to do.  That’s where a coach steps in and uses their knowledge to help bridge the wide gulf between where you are and where you want to be.  That know-how comes from the practical experience of that coach working with a ton of people in your very situation.  The coach knows the path and the exact steps.
You see your business from the inside out.  They’d see it from the outside in – with a helicopter view, and will likely notice something critical to your business which so far escaped you.

How will a coach help me?

A good business coach will deliver the right advice at the right time for a particular stage in your business.  For example, after assessing your business and situation, a coach might tell you that in order stabilise cash flow and survive, you’d have to focus your energies on one more profitable area of the business.
Perhaps you’re in a scenario where you have a well-established business, but it’s struggling and you can’t work out why.  You may have excellent business acumen and know-how in your area.  The marketing and numbers are all ticking over as they should but something is just not right.  A coach might notice there’s an issue with the team dynamics.  Perhaps there are employees who’ve been in the same job for so long that you’re blind the glaring fact that they’re in the wrong job.  A coach would advise you on how to shuffle around the resources you currently have to reignite the business magic that was always there.
You could also be in a fast-growing business and simply cannot keep up with the supply and demand.  Or, for whatever reason, a stagnation has set in, and you’re not sure why or where to go, or if your particular business is really the right thing for you at this time.
No matter what the situation is, a good business coach is 100% invested in you and your goals.  They will support you to move from where you are (however good or bad) to where ever you want to go (even if that’s to the moon).  In my experience, good coaches combine big hearts with tough words to deliver sage advice you really, really need.
You decide the what and the when, and a coach becomes the who that shows you the how.  Even if you feel like you don’t “need” a coach right now, it might be the time to start thinking about one, especially if you have ambitious financial goals or if you are deeply committed to a social purpose and want to truly scale your impact in your small business.

Guest Contributor: Terri Billington

As an expert talent profiler, I take great pleasure in providing clarity on who individuals authentically are and who they can be. As a coach and mentor, I take entrepreneurs through a process of where they are now to their chosen future. As a corporate trainer, I help organizations and their teams do the same.

And as a proven global facilitator at iLAB, a 15 or 30-day Entrepreneurial Accelerator program in beautiful Bali, I live and work with high level entrepreneurs to find their flow, discover their purpose, design their lives, and create global enterprises in an intensive, yet nurturing atmosphere.  Find Terri online, on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

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