The intersection of health and technology in preventing injury

We recently spoke with Mitch Finlayson, CEO and co-founder of wearable health device start-up MyGolgi who recently won the People’s Choice Award at global entrepreneur accelerator Bridge to MassChallenge.

Microsoft is proud to be the first corporate partner of Bridge to MassChallenge. Launched in 2010, the competition has now grown into one of the world’s top non-profit accelerator programs, supporting the growth of hundreds of companies, raising more than US$1.4 billion in funding and creating more than 50,000 jobs worldwide.

There was an overarching theme at the 2016 event – transforming lives for the good through technology, and MyGolgi was an excellent example of this intersection.

What exactly is MyGolgi and how did it start?

Like all great inventions, the idea for MyGolgi came out of necessity. The three co-founders (one a physiotherapist) had struggled with their own ongoing back pain and were looking for a solution to remedy this. They have developed an easy to wear device which can be used to help prevent injury and also for injury rehabilitation.  The device gives greater insights to the patient and also the treating health professional.

The device works by a sensor which monitors movement and communicates it back in real-time back to the user or healthcare professional via a smartphone app. MyGolgi is adaptable and importantly can be worn on the specific area of need on the body. Although not officially on the market yet, MyGolgi is set to launch in 2018, initially targeting the healthcare industry.

What advice would you give to others who have an idea for launching a start-up?

Mitch advised that anyone contemplating launching a start-up should expect to hear the words “no” a lot, and that they should be prepared to do a lot of hard work to get their idea off the ground. Huge amounts of drive are necessary to propel you forward, and he also recommended finding a group of trusted expert advisers to rely on for advice.

What’s on the horizon for MyGolgi?

All ten of the Australian finalists in Boston

Having just returned from Boston where he represented MyGolgi in the finalists next phase, a five-day Bridge to MassChallenge boot camp, the next priority for Mitch and his co-founder is preparing for the 2018 the launch of the device into market.

How has winning the People’s Choice Award helped MyGolgi?

The People’s Choice Award included as part of the prize a brand new Surface device.  Mitch has found the Surface is ideal for taking on the go, and the device being small enough to use as a tablet has proved unbelievably useful. Already a devotee of using the Surface Pen and OneNote for taking notes in meetings and tracking tasks.  Mitch also mentioned that the Surface will be a great tool for on-the-fly editing of his pitch deck at the Boston bootcamp.

Along with all the other finalists, we wish Mitch and his co-founders the best of luck in the final rounds of the Bridge to MassChallenge.

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