A career built on a simple marketing truth: feed a starving crowd

Marketing entrepreneur Robert Coorey started at a young age: “When all my school friends were stacking supermarket shelves, I started my first business as a house DJ at the age of 16. And being different, doing different things, and never being satisfied about where I am, grew from that moment.”

He’s transformed that early passion into a career in which, as he himself notes, “I’ve sold everything from software to books, training courses to photocopiers, things you can touch to concepts you can only think about.” But his passion remains. “I love talking to customers, audiences and collaborators.”

At university he did a number of  internships but the entrepreneur’s itch needed to be scratched and, pre-social media, he promoted himself in the Yellow Pages. “Social media has given all of us scale,” he says, “but the principles remain: marketing’s role is to connect customers with what you have to sell.”

Every marketer seeks a breakthrough moment, something that defines their career up until that moment. For Robert, it was publishing his best-selling book Feed a Starving Crowd. It builds on the social media reality of today’s marketing world, in which any organization can execute great marketing strategies – with a little help.

And that’s Robert’s mission, “to inspire and teach marketers, business owners and sales professionals how to be successful at what they do. Marketing is a sophisticated discipline, but it still remains misunderstood. By distilling marketing to its fundamentals, I help businesses find their hungry customers.”

He’s a hands-on marketer, who loves the directness of connecting with people in person, whether face-to-face, or talking to an audience in a packed venue. In his left hand is his Surface Pro 4, in his right, his Surface Pen. “The Surface Pro has made an important difference to my business,” he explains. “Connectivity is an overused word but it describes what I do at so many levels, and my Surface Pro connects me in so many ways. I present from it, I collaborate with my developers, and I can use the Surface Pen to precisely communicate what I need on draft ads and draft web content. I doodle as I think, and as I create. And OneNote pulls everything together.

“And I love the level of interaction now available to me when working with clients, and creating new concepts with them.”

What’s Robert’s tech tip?

“I love the web clipper function in OneNote. See a web page, or anything on your screen, clip it and save it to OneNote. Now you have a reference to something that you think works well. I use it to clip what I think are examples of great marketing, for use in presentations or as inspiration. If you have a Surface Pro 4, use the Pen to highlight those elements that really count. There’s a precision with using the Pen that is difficult to beat, and it’s also efficient because it minimizes ambiguity.”

Perhaps passion drives the best in all of us. Robert Coorey has that passion, and he’s always “on”. His closing message, as he departs for his next meeting: “Clear communication is vital, whether using your technology or talking to a customer. When you have something in common, you can move forward together.”

Find out more about Robert Coorey by visiting his website.

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