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We recently spoke to Joel Ramirez, Microsoft Partner and GM of Financials for Office 365, powerful cloud accounting software powered by Microsoft.  To learn more about this solution, sign up for their upcoming webinar on Thursday 6th April to learn more.

What’s your mission at Financials for Office 365?

We are passionate about small business and helping them grow.  Our mission is to make every small business as efficient as their large competitors by using smart technology and insight.

What problems does Financials for Office 365 solve?

We are filling a gap in the marketplace.  Financials for Office 365 is a completely integrated in the cloud accounting business solution that is low cost and simple to use.  Our solution is perfect for both first time users or those that have outgrown their existing business application and also comes with strong inventory features perfect for those businesses that have stock or items to sell.

How does your product work?

Financials for Office 365 is a powerful cloud accounting software that is scalable, fast to implement and can work either as a stand-alone or be integrated with Office365 or Dynamics 365 for a complete business solution.

What motivated you to start the business?

We kept seeing small businesses flourish and as a result outgrow their existing accounting systems, but there was nothing in the marketplace that had the powerful functionality you see in big business solutions, that still met the needs of small business – simple, easy to use & cost efficient, that they could step up to.  We created Financials for Office 365 to address these needs. 

What has your company been working on recently?

We’re currently focused on showing as many small businesses as we can what our solution delivers and how easy it is to use. 

Do you have questions or need general advice? Call us anytime on 1800 234 085 to speak to a Microsoft specialist who can help with your business needs.  Alternatively, you can visit our website to chat live with a Microsoft representative.

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