Maximise your opportunities to win and keep customers

In a connected world, delivering great customer experiences is the alpha and omega of business success. And it all boils down to mastering three key elements:

• Differentiating your business
• Building loyalty
• Maintaining your reputation

Winning customers. Beaming advocates.

So just how do you win customers… and convert them into vocal advocates? In an exclusive workshop, we’ll reveal three key tricks to help you succeed.

• Opportunity management; how to find, manage and create more opportunities
• Mobile productivity; how to maximise productivity on the go
• Business insights; where to find them, how to marshal them, how to leverage them.

Take a seat. Shape your future.

Designed exclusively for the Australian market, join us for what promises to be a deeply engaging, highly interactive and intimate workshop.

Reserve your spot now:

Adelaide: 1 June 2017

Melbourne: 2 May 2017 | 30 May 2017 | 20 June 2017

Brisbane: 30 May 2017 | 27 June 2017

Perth: 24th May 2017 | 21st June 2017

Sydney: 8 May 2017 | 30 May 2017 | 13 June 2017

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