Startup Story: BizXPro connects businesses & IT pros

BizXPro founders Thyagi DeLanerolle and Judy Escobar

What happens when two intelligent women in the IT industry find a gap in the market when sourcing credible qualified IT providers? BizXPro, that’s what!

What’s BizXPro?

The BizXPro website helps businesses find great IT providers. A visitor who signs up to the website can outline their needs then see a list of IT providers matching their project criteria. They can choose who contacts them and go from there. BizXPro disrupts and speeds up the traditional IT procurement process, helping businesses realize more value for their IT.  

Identifying the opportunity

Company founders Thyagi DeLanerolle and Judy Escobar are veterans of IT sales and financing roles at enterprises like Cogeco and Bell. BizXPro’s CEO DeLanerolle explains the unmet need the business satisfies this way: “Many small businesses struggle to find IT providers who can fulfill their requirements and meet their budget. Meanwhile, many IT providers struggle to find small business customers. We bring them together, providing a holistic solution.”

Making progress fast

Launched in May 2016, the BizXPro platform focuses on servicing small and mid-market organizations with 25 to 500 employees. In its first two months, the platform beta tested 200 users and applied this data to make the user experience more efficient, intuitive and to optimize their match-making algorithm. Since that time, small businesses and IT companies alike have embraced the platform and applauded the results.

 What are BizXPro’s customers saying?

BizXPro is a game changer. One stop shop for my resourcing and solving my needs with a few clicks. Efficiency at its best!!
– Julio Fernandez, Former Director of IT | Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario


As the Controller of a small company, the IT responsibilities usually falls under my umbrella. Bizxpro would definitely make things easier for me to be able to go to one site and in a few clicks get connected with multiple IT solution providers.
– Renelly Maharaj, CPA, CMA | Controller, Sunwell Technologies Inc.

As a business owner I’m busy handling all aspects of my business and am thankful that a free service finally exists to connect me with IT providers. The listings allows me to quickly choose who I want to speak with while providing me the peace of mind that they fall within my budget.
– Cheryl Mitri | Business Owner, Cheryl Mitri Yoga

BizXPro is what all small to medium organization need in order to be able to effectively search for technology providers. I did not need to go to different sites to have a quick glance as to what various providers have to offer. The site is easy to navigate and provided me with a starting point to learn more about my options, and connect with the providers. Great site!
– Adriana Zdryko, CPA, CGA | Tax Manager, Clark & Horner LLP

A BizSpark project

BizXPro received support from Microsoft’s global startup support program BizSpark, which provides promising startups with software, service, support, marketing expertise and Microsoft Azure cloud services—all designed to help them launch successfully. BizXPro’s CEO DeLanerolle describes the impact of the BizSpark program:

“We’re happy to report that our Microsoft partnership continues to create exciting opportunities and are looking at how PaaS on Azure could facilitate a more direct and seamless integration with the Microsoft partner community. We’re interested in deploying machine learning to improve our UX. And we love our association with a global brand respected for fantastic products and cloud services.”

Looking forward

DeLanerolle and Escobar intend to dive into the much bigger and more lucrative U.S. market. Eventually, they intend to help North American organizations of all shapes and sizes source faster and smarter IT, web, mobile, advertising, marketing, and other professional services. “We want to build a community where businesses congregate for quality sources, and they trust in the name and brand ecosystem.”

BizXPro has also recently joined the ranks of a select handful of startups receiving funding and support from MergeLane. This prestigious Colorado-based start-up accelerator and investment fund will help high-potential startups with female leadership dramatically increase their growth.

Do you run a startup?

Learn how BizSpark works. The BizSpark program provides qualified privately held startups with Microsoft development and testing software, training, phone support, and Microsoft Azure cloud services. Hint: To be “qualified” means that your startup is less than five years old earning less than $1 million annually.

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  1. Thank you Microsoft for the support you have provided BizXPro – we sincerely appreciate it.

  2. Excellent work BizXPro Team! Microsoft’s BizSpark is a great launching platform. Continued success!