Dynamics for everyone: Intuitive and integrated for business

Dynamics 365

Wondering how to look like a big brand to your customers? Discover the strengths and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365, an integrated cloud-based suite of business apps that can help supercharge your business growth strategy.

I know you’ve heard that before, from many solution providers.  And, there’s no shortage of CRM platforms out there, why choose Dynamics?

Setting the record straight

Dynamics 365 is not a customer relationship management application. It’s a lot more than that. For a start, it’s the only cloud-powered platform that combines ERP and CRM in one secure place. Click the video below for a quick look.

Intelligent & intuitive apps

Evolved through years of expert software development and feedback, these powerful business apps can work alone or work together seamlessly. Sales, marketing, field service, talent management, accounting, operations, automation—you can run every line of business with Dynamics 365.

Finally! You can incrementally modernize every area of your business. And along the way, you can create unprecedented transparency and insights into your products and/or services.

Artificial intelligence inside

Microsoft built its platform on a foundation of artificial intelligence technologies, specifically Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant; Power BI, the business intelligence app; and Azure Machine Learning.

You can predict client needs, streamline operations, and cut costs with the intelligence you gain from your data, transactions, and customer communications.

Already using Dynamics?

Dynamics 365 is compatible with your existing customizations. Everything remains the same. Microsoft allows existing Dynamics customers a chance to test integrations and processes before upgrading to Dynamics 365. You can “dip your toe,” so to speak. Existing customers can find out more here.

Security above all

Count on Microsoft’s Canadian Cloud for leading edge cybersecurity technology. You’re always on, always protected with Dynamics 365. That’s because your data stays secure, under lock and key, in Microsoft’s network of local, state-of-the-art datacentres, specifically in Ontario and Quebec.

Pull the plug on high IT costs and let Microsoft’s experts deal with cyberattacks instead.

Scalable to every cycle

Microsoft makes it easy to get started and reaping benefits right away.

As your business grows, add a user, add an app. It’s as easy as that. Dynamics 365 eliminates the worry of enterprise-wide software upgrades and complicated licensing models. Turnkey is the new normal.

Personalize your upgrade to Dynamics 365 by talking to one of Microsoft’s Certified Partners about your needs and challenges. Find a partner or chat with a Microsoft rep here.

Suits tight budgets

Move to a predictable cost management approach. Go for a full or light use plan. Scale up as you grow by adding more to your plan. There’s a plan and edition to meet your business needs. It’s that easy.

A small business in Canada requiring light use access to Dynamics 365 apps can subscribe for as little as CAD $12.20 per user, monthly. Find the right option for your budget. Review prices.

Get the ebook

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