Windows10 Pro + Right Device = Innovation, Security and Productivity

TLatest Windows 10 deviceshe security of the devices your employees use, and their experience when using these, is core to the success of any business. Its common for businesses to bolster their central IT security which then adversely impacts employee mobility and productivity – in essence placing restrictions on what can be achieved with the devices employees use daily such as laptops, tablets and mobiles.

With the introduction of Windows10 Pro, alongside the wealth of innovative new devices running it, businesses gain access to increased security features while providing employees with greater mobility and productivity features.

Padlock imageStay better protected from modern security threats

New Windows10 Pro devices provide hardware-enabled security features such as multi-factor authentication, helping prevent phishing attacks, and automatic protection for lost or stolen devices – minimizing the risk & financial impact of modern security threats. Many devices include biometric security such as facial recognition and finger print scanning.

monitor with apps and clockSimplify your device management

Most businesses use a wide variety of devices and managing those can be complex and costly. New Windows10 Pro devices have a built-in mobile device management client which makes managing devices easy. And customizable, automatic updates ensure that devices stay current with the latest innovations – on your business’ terms. 

LightbulbGenerate greater productivity

Windows10 starts up to an average 28% faster than Windows 7. You can interact more naturally and efficiently with devices using new input methods such as touch, digital pen & inking, and voice. Shift easily from touch and stylus to keyboard and mouse using Continuum. And get more done with the intelligent personal assistant Cortana.

Devices Laptop and tabletDevices that meet individual needs and budgets

Windows 10 Pro provides choice in respect to devices – including a range of price points and feature sets. Select from a range of high-quality, versatile devices with built-in support for touch, stylus, voice recognition, mobile broadband and more – on form factors from a small, thin 2-in-1 to ruggedized tablets to touch-screen conference room displays.


Thinking of upgrading your device? Take a look at some of the new Windows 10 Pro devices tailored to meet your Innovation, Security and Productivity needs or use our SMB Windows Device Finder to locate the right device with the right features.

The Windows you know, only better – Learn more about Windows 10

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  1. I think there is also a place for newer, more powerful Stick-PCs which provide a cost effective way of PC access using an existing TV or monitor.

    In the workplace, these have multiple applications. From offering cost effective home working solutions, business continuity, hot-desking etc. to PC enabling interactive displays in educational establishments and PC enabling TVs/projectors etc. in meeting rooms.

    Whilst some may wonder are they powerful enough for the Office, they do have Atom X7 series quad core processors with up to 4GB RAM and up to 64GB of storage. They can run Microsoft Office happily along with applications such as Skype for Business etc.

  2. bibolda

    This laptop is well designed, so cool. Love the touch screen, can draw on it and paint.
    Would love to have a laptop like this because all of the design programs run on it perfectly and makes designers life easier.