Everything your business needs in one place with Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Ask any business owner their main challenges in running a business and they will likely tell you that finances, people and time (or the lack of it) are what keep them up at night. Most small to medium sized business owners find it difficult to adequately plan their finances and attempt to predict with pipeline and cashflow planning, which can be tricky. Often, employee productivity levels are stretched due to unstructured operating processes that have been bolted on as the business grew. And owners frequently waste time working between siloed customer data, financial spreadsheets and business information in multiple locations. There’s one thing linking all these challenges – multiple, disparate business packages. And they’re holding your business back.

But now you can get everything in one place, on one platform, with Dynamics 365 Business Edition. This cloud-based suite of intelligent applications is designed and priced for small to medium sized businesses, combining business process management and customer relationship management software into one powerful solution. It connects your people and processes – making financial management, sales, service and operations less of a challenge. And, because it’s cloud-based, it’s easy to scale and grow as your business needs evolve.

To get an overview of how you can unify and grow your business with Dynamics 365, watch one of our partners discuss the impact that Dynamics 365 Business Edition is having on their approach to business in the UK.

Watch how ST Consulting are changing their game with Dynamics 365 Business Edition

Discover how Dynamics 365 Business Edition for Financials – ideal for Finance and professional services – can help your small or medium sized business integrate different systems seamlessly, make better decisions and grow faster.

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