Expense management developer strengthens its white label software with Microsoft Azure

With Azure, Microsoft has a scalable and dependable platform that powers our expense management software for ISVs who are looking to enhance their HR, accounting or ERP products.” – Chris Oswald, CEO of Equisys.

Equisys and Microsoft have been in partnership for more than 20 years. Not only has Equisys moved with Microsoft from on-premises to cloud and hybrid environments, but the two firms have worked successfully together to offer enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics software – most notably with Zetadocs Express, part of the Zetadocs suite of document and expense management software.

‘We’ve grown up over a period of time where Microsoft has been very strong on-premises’, says Equisys CEO, Chris Oswald. ‘When it came to our move to the cloud, the question we asked ourselves was “Are we better off building on top of its suite of cloud services too?”’

Once Equisys understood what Azure could offer, it began to develop its white label solution in the Microsoft Cloud. ‘For us, the whole focus on transition and hybrid solutions is particularly important,’ says Chris, ‘as most of our technology, customers, and channel have always been Microsoft-orientated.

Building on Azure’s adaptable foundations

With deep roots in legacy infrastructure, Equisys wanted to design and build software that integrated with both on-premises and Microsoft Azure technology. Its focus has been creating applications that offer time-saving accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) add-ons to existing software solutions.

‘Zetadocs Expenses White Label is designed for other software companies to use to enhance their existing products. Those ISVs typically speak the same language and experience the same challenges when migrating to the cloud’, says Chris. ‘Microsoft is developing Azure to be much more than just cloud hosting, it’s a wide suite of tools for developers.’

Equisys’ service management systems have come of age in Azure, with problem areas typically identified and corrected before users are even aware. Integration between its mobile apps and users’ on-premises legacy servers is also much simpler, with banking strength security available without the need for firewall changes.

‘Managing travel and entertainment expenses isn’t a particularly new challenge for businesses’, says Chris, ‘but using technology to ease the pain of doing so is now triggering huge innovation.’

With phones in everyone’s pockets, cloud platforms to talk to those phones, Artificial Intelligence to understand the expenditure, and the right tools to extend existing on-premises financial software into that cloud environment, businesses are no longer restrained by cumbersome processes

Reaping the rewards of flexible integration

As the company embraces Azure’s flexibility and interoperability, it’s taking advantage of more and more cloud benefits. Amongst the tools it’s used are:

  • Azure AD for mature identity management
  • Azure SQL databases for scalable application data storage and querying
  • Azure monitoring and management services for predictive maintenance and security

The next step for the company is AI and machine learning, with Azure ML and Microsoft Cognitive services offering a seamless transition to cloud automation.

‘Microsoft’s focus on hybrid solutions is not only key to a supplier like us,’ says Chris, ‘but also to the companies we supply, as we all continue our journey from on-premises into the cloud.

Make the jump to Microsoft Azure

Visit: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/overview/what-is-azure/







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