Microsoft helps startup IoT company turn industrial era factories into digitallyconnected, data-driven powerhouses

Microsoft is helping us achieve our mission of transforming the way factories work. We couldn’t do it without them


– Aman Gupta, Co-founder, ThingTrax

Imagine a factory. Lots of machines working together in a production line. The business wants them all to operate at peak efficiency and, of course, it’s essential to avoid them breaking down at the wrong moment and disrupting production. And the right people need to be at the right place at the right time to keep the whole thing ticking over properly.

You might imagine a sleek control room with computers monitoring everything. But in many, many cases that’s just not how it is.

Instead, you have lots of different machines, bought from different suppliers at different times. Some have programmable controllers but many machines don’t. Operators wander around. Things break down unexpectedly.

This is the challenge that Aman Gupta and Imran Shafquat set out to solve when they launched ThingTrax in 2016.

Managing factories in the cloud

ThingTrax has developed internet-connected devices that can interface to industrial equipment, even devices without controllers, and also wearable devices that track key staff on the factory floor. It pulls data from these devices into an Azure cloud database where its proprietary software monitors the data to give predictive analytics, dashboards, alerts and efficiency data.

ThingTrax can turn a nineteenth century factory into a 21st century digital workplace.

Building on Azure

ThingTrax is a cloud application built in Microsoft Azure. It uses the IoT (Internet of Things) Suite in Azure to process millions of pieces of data every day from thousands of ThingTrax devices. It exploits Azure’s machine learning and analytics technology to turn that data into valuable insights and real-time alerts for customers.

Working with Microsoft and BizSpark Plus

‘We’ve been engaging with Microsoft in different ways,’ says Aman Gupta, one of the company’s co-founders. ‘First, we have been working closely with their technical experts on the best way to use the IoT Suite in Azure. They helped us and guided us at every stage.’

‘Second, we’ve been meeting with some of Microsoft’s partner managers with a view to helping us bring our product to market and drive sales (and with it, Azure consumption)’.

In addition, ThingTrax has been able to take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus – a no-equity program that provides Azure credits, software licenses and other valuable benefits. This helps the company keep costs down and use the latest, best Microsoft developer tools.

The benefits of the Microsoft partnership

Just as ThingTrax helps its industrial clients increase productivity, avoid unexpected pitfalls and cut costs, so the relationship with Microsoft has helped the company:

  • Cut costs by supplying valuable Azure credits and software licensing
  • Accelerate developement with software mentoring and expert advice
  • Reach put to new customers with marketing and sales support
  • Add credbility with an in-depth relationship with Microsoft

Aman Gupta again: ‘We’re very excited about our partnership with Microsoft. It’s our Launchpad and we’re getting advice, guidance and support at every step of our journey.’

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  1. Microsoft is taking great initiative to help IoT companies. Machine learning and AI is going to change the future. These are breakthrough technologies.