Asian Institute Of Chartered Banking: Getting The Essentials Right With Microsoft Office 365


Industry: Banking

Employee Size: >50 – 99

Solution:  Office 365

Partner:  VADS Berhad


The year was 1978. Shiva Ayyadurai, 14-year old Indian immigrant boy living in Newark, New Jersey, wrote over 50,000 lines of code to invent an electronic application that simulates regular mail delivery, forever changing the way we communicate.

Today, we have so many email systems options with a variety of features, it’s hard to know which is the right fit for the organization’s objectives.

Take how the Asian Institute of Chartered Banking (or AICB) – a professional members body dedicated to elevating the banking and financial service industry in Malaysia– is using an on premise email solution.

Challenges of On-Premise Email Solutions

An on premise or “on-prem” email archiving solution is a setup that assigns related hardware (i.e. servers) on an organization’s premises software and services to run it.

And whilst larger organizations would have an on-prem email solutions installed, AICB (a workforce of no more than 100 employees) recognizes that implementing this system affected their productivity and operational costs.

Drawbacks they experienced were:

  • Poor uptime services when maintaining and managing the services over the weekend
  • The failure of the system to handle an influx of spam email.

AICB’s IT department realised that both internal staff and AICB members needed a cost-savvy, reliable email service that delivered a faster and better way to communicate and collaborate.

Why Microsoft Office 365 was the Solution

AICB chose Microsoft Office 365 as it provided a more unified communication solution that met its organizational needs.

Since deployment, AICB noticed how Office 365 solved their communication and productivity challenges through its feature rich solutions:

  • Exchange Online and Skype for Business provided ease of communication for end-users.
  • Microsoft cloud solution provides flexible and cost-effective platform for uptime and access anytime, anywhere.
  • Anti-SPAM and Anti-Malware Protection included with Office 365 replaced their existing security system to filter SPAM and malware.

Benefit of Implementation

As a result, AICB was able to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Increase productivity of IT team in delivering day-to-day tasks – from managing infrastructure to support – saving time
  • Optimising the communication flow within the corporate network – for clearer, efficient communication

Learn from AICB and find out how you can optimize with Microsoft Office 365

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