Keeping Efficiency Up And Costs Low – A Look Into ALTEL Communication’s Solution

Industry: Telecommunications

Employee Size: >100-500

Solution:  Office 365 Business Essential

Partner: Sistem RKK Sdn Bhd, System Integrator

When you hear Telco, you probably think Digi, Celcom, Maxis, and Umobile. This ultra-competitive market is a challenging arena for new players, but that didn’t stop Altel Communications Sdn Bhd from taking a leap of faith and stepping into the telco ring.

Altel Communications* (a subsidiary under Altel Holdings and part of Albukhary Group of Companies) started its operations as a telecommunications service provider that offered Long Term Evolution (or LTE) 4G with a clear mission – deliver a ‘no-compromise’ service network that gave great customer and after-sales services for the people.

But how will they outmaneuver the established Telco giants?

Keeping Cost Low Without Compromising on Service  

Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Yaacob (Altel Communications CEO) figured* that they needed to be smart with their expenses if they wanted to stretch their capital.

The first thought was to outsource almost everything – including their internal customer service communications – in order to reduce cost. However, to do that, you need third-party vendors with strong communication infrastructure.

Rather than take the risk with a third-party vendor, Altel needed come up with an infrastructure solution that improved productivity and lowered maintenance costs.

Which is why they turned to Microsoft Office 365 Business Essential alongside Exchange Online 2 as a means to replace their existing communications infrastructure.

Changing Their Ways

The result? Not only was it more efficient to share files amongst vendors and the internal staff, but Office 365 provided a myriad of applications that increased their productivity and customer communications efficiency.

This greatly reduced their cost in maintaining an on premise server as well as freeing up the IT team to manage day-to-day operations, priming Altel to be nimbler than their competitor Telco giants.

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