Empowering An International Organisation To Synergise Across Borders – International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (the IILM)

Industry: Finance

Employee Size: >10-49

Solution:  Office 365 E3 Plan

Partner:  Softline (M) Sdn Bhd

While lean, the team at the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (the IILM) shoulder heavy responsibilities.

Not only do they have a multi-region remit to enhance cross-border Islamic investment flows, international linkages and financial stability, IILM answers to central bank and monetary agencies from several nations – Indonesia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Qatar, Turkey, the UAE, and the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sectors.

The Trouble with International Business Travel

With cross-national duties, the team initially struggled with inefficient communication and unreliable server access whenever they traveled on business. This was compounded by the high cost of server maintenance and left them vulnerable to Internet Connectivity issues.

Access across International Borders

To keep them focused on the big picture of driving Islamic finance and Shari’ah-compliant instruments across national, regional and international levels, IIILM migrated to the Office 365 E3 Plan.

Fiscally and operationally, as they would tell you, it made sense. They expected to save operational costs, increasing employee productivity wherever they are and securing themselves against future potential crises.

Microsoft Office 365 E3 Plan for Employees on the Go

With the deployment of Office 365 E3 Plan, that expectation turned into reality.

The utilization of OneDrive amongst all employees helped them manage file storage and communication with ease while applications that were hosted on SharePoint deployed seamlessly, even when out-of-office.

Now with operations leaner, costs lower, less IT maintenance and the load on their Exchange server lightened, the IILM team is able to synergize efficiently across countries, focusing on what they do best instead of worrying about their technology infrastructure.

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