Making A Change To Drive Transformation – Northern Corridor’s Implementation Of Microsoft Office 365

Industry: Professional Services 

Employee Size: >100-500

Solution: Office 365 Business Essential, Exchange Online

Partner: Advantage Systems Sdn Bhd

The northern states of Malaysia (Kedah, Penang, Northern Perak and Perlis) have played a significant role in being the ‘rice bowl’ of the country’s economy – contributing much to agriculture, tourism and industrialism. To the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (or NCIA), it has been an ongoing mission to not only accelerate economic growth, but also to realize their vision – to convert the region into a world-class economic region of choice for investment, living and working by 2025.

However, for any organization to rapidly push for economic change, they needed to phase off outdated technology and adopt new tools and new ways of working that better mobilize their tasks.


When an oudated solution interrupts change

Previously, NCIA encountered a couple of issues that prevented them from being able to respond to emails or to maintain an efficient workflow when using an on-premise email system. The issues were:

  • Due to a limited amount of storage in each user’s inbox, they were unable to receive larger files or even download new emails – making it difficult for NCIA to respond to new opportunities for partnerships or collaborate with other organizational bodies.
  • Receiving a frequent amount of spam emails because the on-premise solution is not fully equipped with the latest malware protection.


Making a change, from the inside out

Six months into their implementation of Microsoft Office 365 Business Essential, NCIA experienced significant changes in the way they worked online.

With cloud applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and OneDrive, this gave them the ability to access, amend, share and store files remotely without the worry of storage issues – saving them time and increasing their productivity. Exchange Online’s Anti-Malware and Anti-Spam filters also helped NCIA receive fewer spam emails. Whilst Microsoft Office 365 effectively unified their communication across channels, the true value was in the plan’s flexibility and scalability should their needs change in the future

During the six-month implementation, NCIA managed to:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Increase efficiency and productivity within the corporate structure
  • Save time of the IT team in managing the IT infrastructure.


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