When time is money – Collaborate easily with Microsoft

With the multitude of tasks; from ideation to execution and managing the business, the one thing all entrepreneurs can never get enough of is time. To improve business productivity, we turn to technology. After all, it is designed to improve our lives. Here are some interesting and useful Microsoft solutions designed to make our lives as entrepreneurs easier.

Your business at your fingertips – Office 365 

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More than just familiar applications like, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, Microsoft has solutions that makes running a small business so much easier. Starting from less than RM2 per user per day for Office 365 Business Premium Plan, entrepreneurs have access to Office applications which are enabled over Cloud. This means that entrepreneurs can edit and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere.

Used to working offline? No problem, get all the familiar Office tools on your desktop. Microsoft 365 automatically syncs and saves the documents when you get connection. Improve productivity in collaboration by working together with your teammate on the same document in real-time. No more confusion with multiple versions of the same document and imagine the amount of time saved getting work done in real time, without waiting for one another to update their portions. Plus, enjoy a fully installed Office experience for up to 5 devices. Running on subscription and on Cloud, Office 365 also ensures you automatically get the most updated versions.

The Business Premium Plan, specially tailored for small businesses, includes access to emails on your domain and calendar; file storage and sharing via OneDrive, online conferencing, Skype connectivity, Yammer, Team sites, work management and more!

Gone are the old dreadful days of sending out multiple emails (Just for records, 269 billion emails are sent out per day!) of similar content to different collaborators of a project. With Microsoft Teams, upload and share information all at once to everyone, anywhere. Think of it as a project site where all the latest information and details are readily available. Set access limits to control on who gets access to what type of information. Collaborators can make use of the chat function to discuss and communicate about the project (reducing emails threads, YES!). Convenient and efficient, everyone gets to focus on what they do best.

Timely and smooth collaboration has never been so easy! What’s more, everything is hosted and run from Microsoft’s network over 38 regions, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, 24/7 IT level web and phone support, world class data security and more.

Interested in speaking to one of Microsoft’s representatives on how Microsoft solutions can help you in bring your business to the next level? Contact us at 1800 889 85252 today.

What other Microsoft products or solutions do you use to enhance your business productivity? Share them in the comments below.

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