Dynamics 365 brings suite of business applications to New Zealand

Microsoft have announced that its new cloud service – Dynamics 365 will soon become available to New Zealand based businesses.

Like Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of interrelated desktop applications, each with different functions – Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of seven business applications each responsible for different business functions: financials, operations, marketing, sales, customer service, project service automation and field service management.

James Dennis, the Dynamics 365 specialist for SMB in New Zealand shares his insights on how this suite of new business apps will impact New Zealand businesses.

“The key thing we are getting excited about is the ‘intelligence’ features. Dynamics 365 not only brings loads of connectivity but businesses can get real-time analytics and machine learning, right out of the box.”

Dynamics 365 brings together functions typically defined as ERP (Enterprise Resource Processes) and CRM (customer relationship management) together. In addition, Dynamics 365’s has built-in features that are backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

James says “the suite of apps provide huge value, and the solutions are geared for relatively ‘non-tech’ people.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been launched in two phases, with the Enterprise Packages (for larger business) launched in the United States and Canada in November 2016. Customers who used 365 Operations (formerly known as AX 7), have already started upgrading.

The Business Edition, which James says will be the ‘sweet-spot’ for New Zealand is set to launch in the first quarter of 2017.  

Sarah Bowden,  Small and Medium Business Lead at Microsoft predicts Dynamics 365 will be a game changer. “It provides that next level of business functions that goes deeper into running a business”.

“What makes it so powerful is the connectivity and flow of the information of data and information between the apps. Coupled with Azure Power BI means that the business insights are more intuitive.”  

Sarah says that Dynamics 365 will give wider access and improved visibility about sales and finance right across organisations, as needed. Internal approval processes can be semi-automated for improved efficiency.

Mike Newell, a CRM Solution Specialist for Microsoft says it is increasingly important for New Zealand businesses to become digitised. “Mature businesses, who are well on the way to digitisation, will benefit from systems where they can better respond to customers.

“Beyond sales and service, I think the biggest advances with Dynamics 365 is in field service. We are connecting devices in the field, which provide information that act as triggers for action and optimising the cost of responding. This has definitely been the highlight for me.”

So if you are a New Zealand based business, already using Office 365, Microsoft and its partners are ready to help you with integrating anyone of the Dynamics 365 apps into your business.

About the upcoming launch in New Zealand, Sarah Bowden says, “It’s  really exciting – I can’t wait.”

James Dennis agrees, “there will be this huge buzz – it will be amazing.”

Organizations can purchase each Dynamics 365 app separately, adding more as their needs change from Microsoft’s AppSource app marketplace. There is also the option to purchase a set of apps as a subscription bundle.

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