Infographic: Cyber crime in New Zealand – what you need to know

cyber crime new zealand
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Cyber crime in New Zealand is on the rise and it’s not just big businesses and government organisations that need to take this threat seriously.

Research shows that in 2016 nearly one-in-five small and medium New Zealand businesses had been the target of cyber crime in the previous two years, and 40 percent of businesses expect to experience cyber crime within the next two years.

Worryingly, this number is only forecast to grow as cyber criminals become more sophisticated, with ransomware attacks around the world tripling between the first and third quarters of 2016 alone. Large scale global ransomware attacks such as the recent WannaCry and Petya attacks are currently making global media headlines.

While it may seem like a complex subject, the reality is that all New Zealand businesses big and small, need to have a basic understanding of what cyber crime is, the key forms of cyber attacks their organisations should be aware of, and some basic best practises their staff should adopt to help reduce their chances of falling victim to cyber crime.

We’ve created a simple infographic to provide business owners and managers with an overview of the key things they should know about cyber crime in New Zealand.

Included are ten of the most widely suggested security measures all organisations should implement, as recommended by leading cyber security authorities such as New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre, Symantec, and Microsoft.

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