Office 2007 support is ending: Here’s what you can do

Technology today is progressing faster than ever and the reality is this: businesses need to embrace digital transformation and continually update software and products in order to survive. Using old and outdated software runs the risk of hindering employees from being equipped and prepared to compete in a global, Internet-enabled marketplace.

After a 10-year life cycle, October 10, 2017 will mark the official end of Office 2007. What does this mean for organisations like yours, who are still running on Office 2007?

Discontinuation of security updates

Performance, compatibility, security patches and hotfixes will no longer be deployed. Products will continue to boot up but will be at risk of hackers, unsupported features and incompatibility with connected applications.

Reduced functionality

Potential service interruptions and reduced functionality might occur when integrating with modern version of Office servers and Office 365 services.

Increased risk and challenges

Using an out-of-support Office client increases security risks, creates compliance challenges with regulations or legislation, and reduced support from OEMs and 3rd party providers of software and services.

What can you do to stay supported?

Whether your organisation is running solely on Office 2007, or on a mix of both old and new Office licenses, this is what you can do to stay up-to-date and supported.

Just follow these three steps:

Update. Start a Success Plan. Engage a Microsoft Partner.

Depending on your licensing agreement, your organisation may be entitled to update to Office 365 – the most up-to-date, cloud-based Office client that provides a fully managed, trusted and secure platform for your company. That way, you needn’t worry about maintaining updates and products with end-of-life challenges.

For organisations looking to upgrade, Microsoft provides a programme called FastTrack for Office 365 customers with at least 50 seats. Microsoft FastTrack helps you create a Success Plan to adopt and migrate your systems to the latest version of Office.

Make your move to the cloud

Many organisations ask the same questions about moving to the cloud: Do I have to re-train my employees? What is the real benefit about moving to the cloud? Is it secure?

Our cloud-based solutions allow you to use the same applications your employees are used to, with the added advantage of ubiquitous access to online files. You’ll experience various benefits from cloud-based technology such as:

  • Faster access and real-time communication through infrastructure, systems and teams
  • Deeper data insights through Business Intelligence
  • In-built security, data back-ups and up-to-date software

More and more businesses are seeing success in moving to the cloud with Office 365. Get your free copy of ‘7 ways to work smarter in the Cloud’ eBook now.

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