National Entrepreneurship Week: Made in the USA

Products made in the USA have long evoked a sense of pride and confidence in quality. Today, American-made products resonate more than ever with consumers. In fact, 80 percent of consumers prefer to pay more for a product if it means supporting American jobs.

During National Entrepreneurship Week, I’m looking forward to meeting with Megan and Marshall Dostal, co-founders of Further Products. I was introduced to this pair through the Microsoft People of Action campaign, which celebrates inspirational people who go above and beyond to achieve their dreams. The Dostals are doubling the dose of made-in-the-USA pride with their line of hand soaps, lotions, candles and other products made out of recycled vegetable oil from local, California restaurants.

national entrepreneurship week

These accidental entrepreneurs are showing what’s possible when a great idea strikes. They’re also leading by example and redefining small business success by their own rules. For them, that means creating balance and focusing on the thing that many entrepreneurs are short on no matter where their business is located – time.

To learn more about the Dostals, visit their Microsoft People of Action Tumblr page.

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