Pacidose: Finding a solution to a common problem


Many parents know the following scenario: your sick child spits out medication, making it impossible to determine how much was administered. Out of desperation, you take your exhausted baby into the emergency room where, after waiting for hours, a physician uses a simple tool to administer the medicine.

For years Dr. Agnes Scoville watched this happen in emergency rooms and after becoming a mother herself, knew there had to be a better way. This is when she created Pacidose, a safe and efficient baby medicine dispenser. Not only is the tool – which feels just like a pacifier – easy to use, it also helps parents avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Pacidose’s team of six all work remotely, which they accomplish through solutions like Windows 10 and Office 365. Agnes and her team use these productivity tools to collaborate on projects, sync on updates and, more importantly, create a culture centered on innovation and fun.

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