A statement that sparked a movement

When Jason and Sarah Kenworthy encouraged their daughters to skateboard, they didn’t plan on it leading to a business venture that would break down stereotypes and start a worldwide movement.

Inspiration struck when their then 5-year-old daughter, Bellatreas, stated “skateboarding is for boys.” Although the couple had no previous entrepreneurial experience, this statement motivated them to take a closer look at the skateboarding market, which was stereotypically skewed toward boys. Noticing a lack of quality products for girls, Pink Helmet Posse was born.

Originating from a nickname for their daughter’s group of friends with pink skateboard helmets, Pink Helmet Posse encourages girls to skate by providing quality products that are specifically geared toward them, including everything from skateboards to safety gear. By supplying appealing equipment and sharing inspirational videos across social media, the company started a worldwide movement with one simple message: “come skate with us.”

Since its launch in 2012, Pink Helmet Posse has been featured on Ellen, in Gap campaigns, in a California tourism commercial, and much more. As a two-person team, Jason and Sarah credit their success to their passion and willingness to go the extra mile to create a great product and experience. Now that the word has spread, the pair is using modern technology to increase productivity and scale their business even further.

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