5 reasons why entrepreneurs should attend WORLDZ, a future-focused cultural summit

One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is taking the time to leave the confines of the office to seek inspiration and perspective. Sure, it can often feel counterproductive to step away from the overflow of deliverables and priorities that pile up on your computer, but removing yourself from your everyday routine is often when things truly start to happen.

These days, one of the best places to explore when you need a break is some type of networking conference or summit. Regardless of the specific field you work in, one can find an event that is aligned to the work you do. And, while there are many choices, one that has recently caught our attention is WORLDZ.

Taking place in Hollywood, CA from July 31 – August 1, the future-focused summit will feature a diverse list of over 100 industry heavyweights and tastemakers with a focus on uniting the leaders of today with the stars of tomorrow. It’s an interactive environment that gives entrepreneurs from any field a chance to learn, grow, and network with the best of the best.

Curious to learn more, then head over to their website and apply to attend. If you still need a bit more convincing, we have listed 5 reasons why you should be attending this year.



WORLDZ features experiential activations, curated one-on-ones, master-led courses & workshops, and a post-event action plan to ensure guests get a hands-on experience and the ability to collaborate with others. Examples last year included DJ courses, lego-building exercises, the chance to try VR, and intimate courses with Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Gonzalez.


A carefully curated set of speakers and participants that includes Shaun White, Gary Vaynerchuk, Kelly Slater, will.i.am, Diana Nyad, Jon Buscemi, Sophia Amoruso, Bjarke Ingels and key names from Pandora, Reddit, Billboard, Red Bull, Audi, Microsoft, Fast Company, uBeam, XPRIZE, Hyperloop, United Nations Foundation, VICE, (RED), Universal Music Group, Virgin Galactic, and much more.

Team Building Experience:

WORLDZ is meant to be an experience where the members of rising companies can learn from some of the most established CEO’s, founders, and creators from around the world. It’s both a team-building experience where members of companies can learn to work together in a more effective way, and also a place to collaborate with established names and other rising companies.

Topic Diversity:

While many summits and events focus on just one subject, WORLDZ strives to bring established members from over 70 key verticals to create a diverse experience where guests can learn more about the fields they work in and already have knowledge of, in addition to new fields. This includes music streaming, social impact, fashion, space technology, marketing, live events, technology, mobile, action sports, female entrepreneurship & empowerment, online platforms, exploration, publishing, and more.


If you are interested in the continually evolving world of technology, innovation, and new products coming to market, then WORLDZ has you covered. Topics this year will include future transportation from Hyperloop, space exploration from Virgin Galactic, space technology from XPRIZE, the future of wireless charging from uBeam, and much more. Basically, there is something for everyone.

Lastly, stay tuned for onsite coverage through our collaboration with our entrepreneurial, video podcast series called Business & Burgers. We will share content each day during the conference through Facebook Live interviews with some of the speakers, overall insights from sessions and workshop as well as perspective from Microsoft Person of Action, Ariela Suster, CEO/Founder of Sequence.

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